Create a Life of Freedom
Seven Steps

Seven Steps To Creating A Life Of Freedom

Creating A Life Of Freedom is really easy if you subscribe to these 7 simple steps. Whatever freedom means to you, it could be financial freedom, freedom to do what you like when you like, freedom to make your own choices, freedom to live by your own choices etc etc. The first step is recognising what freedom actually means to you. Really thinking about it, perhaps it means having the freedom to nurture yourself more. Having the freedom to live a creative full filled life. To begin the journey of creating a life of freedom it's vital you dig deep into your DNA and discover what freedom your heart desires most. Creating A Life of Freedom #creatingalifeoffreeedom for me is living honestly and truthfully as my soul intended. It's having the freedom to live my life as I see fit surrounded by loving, caring people who appreciate my time and energy. The financial aspect of  #creatingalifeoffreeedom is equally important to me and I work hard every day to achieve that goal. I have a 5 year financial plan or road map and each day I work towards achieving that goal. 5 years might seem a long time and it is only achievable by breaking it down into smaller yearly goals but the ultimate 10 year plan is to be mortgage free and debt free. I can achieve this by working hard and setting myself a yearly target to pay off that debt. Thus eventually #creatingalifeoffreeedom.

Step 1. F

Focus on your goals, start creating goals, small goals that combined will achieve great results. Loose the fear, when we remove fear as an emotion from any situation we become invincible. Fear prevents us from achieving our goals or starting a new project that we've been thinking about and working towards for some time. Repeat after me "failure isn't an option" if you focus on what your heart desires, write down 5 short term goals, lose the fear and believe in yourself you won't fail. Failure isn't real because despite the outcome you've achieved a result. It might not be the result you hoped but there is a lesson in there. Learn the lesson, loose the fear and focus on achieving your goals.

Step 2. R

Read as much as you can when you can, there are many motivational authors, books and speakers. Reading is a great way to help motivate you into creating a life of freedom. It helps you build up resilience to the ego. You have to believe in yourself and your abilities to achieve your goals. Find your passion and pursue it relentlessly. Get rid of the old habits and renew yourself with new habits. When you achieve results reward yourself.  Repeat, repeat, repeat. When you find your mojo what motivates you into creating a life of freedom repeat it over and over until it becomes a habit and is enshrined in your DNA. The universe favors the brave if you open your heart and mind to receiving you will receive.

Step 3. E

Exercise. Take 20 minutes our of your day and exercise, walk, jog, run but commit to 20 mins of exercise a day. If you have a busy schedule and you work 6/7 days a week full time go on a walk, run or jog before everyone wakes up. Stick on an exercise DVD, do some yoga or pilates in your front living room but commit to an exercise program. It does not have to be the gym. I am not asking you to parade around in spandex in tight gym gear letting it all hang out you can do this in the privacy of your own home, before anyone wakes up and sees your magical funky moves. Eat healthy food, think of your body as an expensive sports car, a Ferrari, you wouldn't put cheap oil and fuel into a new Ferrari. Same rule applies to your body, eat foods that will nourish your body and sustain your mind throughout life's challenges. Repeat after me "My body's a temple, not an amusement park" Be extraordinary! Don't be afraid to jump outside your comfort zone, you are a child of the universe you were not made to be ordinary you were made to be yourself and that my friend is extraordinary! Start believing it. 

Step 4. E

Everything is energy, our thoughts our feelings and our words. Be mindful of your thoughts, our thoughts create our reality so when we are working towards creating a life of freedom we have to think only positive thoughts. Our words have power so be careful of the words you choose to use, those words are sent out into the universe and returned back to us tenfold. Words have the power to uplift or destroy. Get your words right and you will change your reality. Always say kind words to people. I know how difficult this can be especially when you are about to buy that bag having saved for what seems to be an eternity and just as you go to lift it off the shelf some bint slides in and snatches it from you (grrrr). I know a few choice words could come out of your mouth but here's the thing she probably needs that bag more than you to feel better about herself, you my dear are working on creating a life of freedom and freedom means being 110% confident in your own skin without the designer handbag (ok ok it does look good and will make you feel shamazing for about 5 seconds after the purchase) but after the gratification disappears you are left with a gaping whole in your bank account for which you were working towards achieving "financial freedom".  We've been conditioned by marketing & advertising campaigns to want designer handbags, a better car, a bigger house when none of these will actually make us happy. 

Step 5. D

Find your Dharma. What lights you up? What's your passion/purpose? What inspires you? Find it and pursue it, relentlessly! Why do you think you are here? If you are living your life with purpose and passion, congratulations you have found your dharma and are loving who you are. Practice daily gratitude. This is hugely important in creating a life of freedom. We can't be free unless we are grateful for the people things and situations in our lives. So your life isn't where it's supposed  to be right now, creating a life of freedom is a work in progress, it's a continuous journey a life long commitment and you have to start somewhere so start being grateful for the things you have. A roof over your head, food on your table a family to share the joys and sorrows of life. Life isn't all sunshine and rainbows but when the sun shines learn to be grateful for it because tomorrow could bring rain or storms. Dream. Start dreaming and dream BIG, remember your thoughts create energy and your words are powerful so start dreaming and if anyone tells you your dreams are crazy tell them theirs are not crazy enough! Dig deep, you have the tools deep within your soul to get through this and anything life may throw at you, trust yourself to dream big and the universe will deliver those goals to you which will help on your journey to creating a life of freedom. You have access to infinite power and knowledge if you just take the time to dig deep and listen to your soul, that white space, that intelligence that each of us has at the very core of our being. You don't have to be a yoda, master, priest or psychic to access this information, you just need to dig deep and listen.

Step 6. O

There will be obstacles along the way you can be sure of that, don't give up! Obstacles are a part of life they are also a part of growth. Think of a time in your life when you thought you couldn't get through a situation or event - you did. Throughout my working day and life I faced many obstacles. I simply think "what do I need to do to find a way around this or through this" I try to be patient and creative in how I deal with obstacles. If I apply for a loan and the bank refuses my application I simple apply in another bank or contact another person in the bank who I think might be able to assist. Now when I think of obstacles I think of "opportunity for growth". This is an opportunity for me to connect with new people, learn something new about myself or a situation. I never look upon obstacles as negatives, I turn them into opportunities now. I look for the opportunity in the obstacle.

Step 7. M

Creating A Life Of Freedom is essentially manifesting the life you desire. Manifesting plays a huge part in this process, it does not matter if you want to manifest money, a new job, relationship or a new home. The process is the same. How do I manifest all that my heart desires? Meditate. Sit still, calm the mind, focus on your breathing (breathe naturally) and think only positive thoughts - " I only attract positive people, places and things into my life, I am ready to receive .................. (whatever it is your heart desires) thank you for the gifts you have already sent to me". Give yourself the time and space to sit quietly and alone, daily.  Music is a great healer, it is powerful beyond belief and can be hugely uplifting. Music relaxes the nervous system and propels you to make positive shifts in mind and body. When you put on music that brings you energy and joy, you start to feel energy and joy. Create a positive playlist on your phone that you can play while you are working towards creating a life of freedom. Get a playlist together of your favorite songs and when you feel the ego or people's negative energy being thrust upon you stick on your positive playlist and escape into a world of creating a life of freedom.

These are just some of the songs that have made it onto my music playlist. 

Believe by Soilders of Twilight

Hallelujah by Candi Station

Hold My Hand by Jess Glynne

Send It Out To The Universe by Samantha James

So you see creating a life of freedom is possible if we give ourselves the space and the time to find what really ignites a spark or passion in our life. Rome wasn't built in a day, go easy on yourself. Take just one step today to activate the seven steps to #creatingalifeoffreeedom. Most importantly have faith, there is a higher power at work, you just need to trust and believe. little small baby steps over a period of time when combined will achieve miracles. FREEDOM is the ultimate goal and creating a life of freedom is attainable if you follow and participate in the above steps. Let your past go and let's begin the journey... Some inspiration to get you started...

When you begin to see, feel and accept the positive changes you have created in your life it's important to recognise them.

  • Acknowledge any goals you have already achieved while working on #creatingalifeoffreedom.
  • Acknowledge the changes you have seen and felt in your life while working on #creatingalifeoffreedom.
  • Acknowledge the presence of God & the Universe in your life while working on #creatingalifeoffreedom.
  • Acknowledge the Law of Attraction & Manifesting at work in your life while working on #creatingalifeoffreedom.

Good luck on your journey, begin living in a world where miracles become everyday occurrences. Obstacles become opportunities, fear becomes courage and dreams become reality. If I can help or assist in any way, contact me through twitter @lifeoffreedomIr or facebook I would love to know how you are creating a life of freedom for yourself and those closest to you. Namaste.

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Take the 28 day, 7 step challenge & see your life transform.

Update: 16th September 2016, I obtained personal financial freedom. I have no personal debt. No mortgage, no car loans, no personal loans. Now my energy is concentrated on the commercial aspect of #creating a life of freedom. It took me just 9 months to abolish personal debt from my life. #FREEDOM.

Manners are the lub of society yet so many parents seem to be failing in teaching these simple lessons to their kid……
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